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Forest Scene


MIRA / HarperCollins, March 5 2024

When phony spiritualist Brigit Weylan returns to her hometown to assist in a case that eerily mirrors her sister's death sixteen years prior, she must finally face her long-suppressed trauma and the secrets she's been running from — because something has waited a very long time for Brigit to come home.

Content warnings: mentions of self-harm, suicide, domestic abuse, transphobia

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At once suspenseful and tender ... a spooky page-turner, an unflinching examination of trauma, and a moving and brilliant exploration of all the things that possess us and keep us trapped in the past. This is a surprising, haunting, and necessary book.

Marisa Crane, author of I Keep My Exoskeletons to Myself

A surreal and deftly crafted debut. Evans weaves mystery, horror, and family through impossible forests, making you question character and truth in unsettling yet deeply satisfying ways.

Sequoia Nagamatsu, author of How High We Go in the Dark

Through mounting dread, with every turn of the page, What Grows in the Dark explores—terrifyingly so—the notions of family, indebtedness, and how the past never really lets us go.

Keith Rosson, author of Fever House

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